What Is The Sacred Account?
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Secret Tip: (Follow the "Top 1%" Money)
Fact 1: Fortune 500 Companies & The U.S.'s Mega Banks have historically stored over $200 BILLION into this system!
Fact 2:
America's Top 1% have been saving MILLIONS of their own money into this system for centuries!
- How does it work?
- Are there minimum contributions?
- Are there contribution limits?
- What are the average returns like?
- When can I borrow and how much?
- Is this tax deferred or tax free?
- How can I pay off my debt with this?
- How can I use this for real estate?
- Can I get returns better than my bank without market risk?
- How is this better than what I do now?
Get the answers now!
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The Best Companies
Guaranteed against loss
6-8% Historical Annual Dividends
Tax Free Growth
Guardian Life: Dividend: 5.85%
(Established in 1860, Ranks No. 226 in Fortune 500)
Mass Mutual: Dividend: 6.70%
(Established in 1851, Ranks No. 77 in Fortune 500)
New York Life: Dividend: 6.20%
(Established in 1845, Ranks No. 71 in Fortune 500)
- 150+ year track record
- 4% minimum guaranteed dividend
- 6-8% historical average annual dividends
- Tax Free growth
- Leverage to borrow against your funds
- Immediate asset (estate for beneficiaries and can be sold to investors)
How Long Has The Sacred Account Been Around For?
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Want to bypass Wall Street?
Want to bypass the IRS?
Want to bypass the Central Banking system?
Want to learn how to save your income into a Sacred Account like the Top 1% have for over a century?

You have come to the right place to learn all about the Sacred Account!
Did you know that only 8% of life insurance policyholders know how to use their life insurance as a Sacred Account?
Let us show you how to be part of that 8%!

We have helped client after client design their very own Sacred Account to use for the following investments:
- Debt consolidation
- Real Estate investing
- Retirement income
- Small business investing
- Tax Free Executive Compensation
- Personal development
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Our thinking is different
We think every policy should:

- Minimize insurance costs and expenses
- Maximize and accelerate cash growth
- Withstand the test of time with no regret
Our design is different

– Strongest cash values and growth
– Access to cash your value - Anytime
– Policies designed by experts
– Performance that outperforms all
7 Non-Negotiables of Sacred Account Design
1. Stick with the 4 major mutual companies
2. Direct most money into the cash value
3. Minimize premium and insurance expenses
4. Prevent Modifed Endowment Contract (MEC)
5. Avoid paying capital gains taxes altogether
6. Build a massive vault of accessible cash
7. Should cash flow and break even quickly
A perfectly designed policy must be designed perfectly
An “off the shelf” policy just won’t do the job.

For the 1st 2-3 years you will have almost a $0 balance. The Cash Value Performance will be very low. It will not serve as a Sacred Account.

Correct policy design is an exact science that involves the proper blending of base premium, riders and many other subtle factors that will all greatly affect your policy.
The Facts: Did you know....?  

- 92% of policyholders are not informed on how to take advantage of the powerful Sacred Account features in policies they already own.
* Become one of the 8% who are actively using the power of The Sacred Account for all kinds of investing and business uses.

- Have term insurance?
- Paying rent?

* Only 1% to 3% of term insurance policies ever actually pay out, depending on the year.

- When you access cash in your policy, you still get the full dividends paid on the whole amount!
* Yes, this is 100% true. But how soon can I use it, how does it actually work and what is the best way to set it up?

- The Sacred Account acts differently than a 401K or IRA.
* Is it the best structure for me? Can I do a rollover from my present account into this model?

- The Sacred Account acts more like a safe fixed asset or a supercharged CD delivering 6% to 8% historically.

- High yield Dividends fluctuate little from year to year.
* Peace of mind, steady and predictable - almost boring, but in a very good way. Unlike the roller coaster ride of the stock market.

- Cash Value life insurance policies such as The Sacred Account can be designed to be extremely flexible.
* We can design a policy so that you can change your contributions up or down to comfortably fit into your income lifestyle.

- You can dump in as little or as much Cash into your Sacred Account as you want without triggering a Tax liability.
* It's all a matter of correct design and layout. If it's structured properly from the beginning, you will not run into future problems.

The Main Questions We Are Asked: 
– What is The Sacred Account and is it better that what I'm doing now?
– What are the main differences between Term and Whole Life?
– Which are the best Insurance companies to use for The Sacred Account and the highest cash values?
– Can I decide how much money will go into premium expenses and how much will go into cash?
– What is a PUA or Paid Up Addition (Cash Dump in) and how does improve my policy?
– How can I contribute more money into my policy to accelerate cash growth?
– Why is it critical to know where your MEC Tax Limit line is?
– Can I borrow directly from my Death Benefit amount?
– How important is flexibility in contributions?
– Should I do a lump-sum contribution?
– Is a fully paid up policy right for me?
– How does accessing my cash values actually work?
– How soon can I access my cash values and am I limited to uses of it?
– Do I have to repay policy loans and what happens if I don't?
– What is the difference between a direct and a non-direct recognition company?
– What is the best way to tap into the cash value in my policy for investing in Real Estate, or anything else?
– What is the best structure to allow me to take full advantage of my cash throughout my life?
– Can you explain all of the options and answer any other questions that I may have?
I want access to all of this information for free!
How Do We Get Paid? 

We will never charge you account management fees or performance fees?

Why? Because your account is going to grow with or without us.

Our job is two things.

First, to properly design a Sacred Account that fits into your overall plan for Wealth Creation.

Second, to provide service, education, and work with you to successfully use your Sacred Account to build wealth after it has been setup.

To setup your account we charge an administrative fee to do the front-end work and develop your plan.

To service you for the rest of your life, the companies we work with pay us a fee out of their pocket at no cost to you. For this, we stay with you for life!

What is the process?

1. We will supply you with all of the data, numbers, and research for you to make a decision.

2. We will review the Sacred Account illustrations and select the plan structure and company that will fit you the best.

3. We will spend a minimum of 2 meetings building an overall plan for your finances so we can review your overall picture and decide what makes the most sense.

4. We will get you pre-approved for a Sacred Account with a handful of different companies.

5. We will review the approved numbers vs. what your plan calls for and decide which option to go with.

6. We will get you contributing to your Sacred Account!

Do You Already Have An Account You Use?
Great! Let us help you analyze your current strategy and see if it meets your goals and expectations!

1. Submit a request to receive a FREE analysis

2. You will get a free analysis and report from Wealth DynamX to suggest changes or confirm you are on track!
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What are the guarantees?
The Sacred Account can guarantee that you will never lose money, that you will always make money, that you will never pay taxes, and that you will leave a legacy behind...no matter what!

There are only a few reasons why you would NOT want to setup a Sacred Account:

Why not? You already have accounts for your money.
Why? If you were truly happy with those accounts you wouldn't be researching other options right now.  

Why not? You're not sure if we can truly help you in a real way.

Why? We have worked with every type of client you could imagine for almost a decade. There's not risk in talking to us!

Why not? You don't have enough information to know if this is legit or just some life insurance scam.
Why? That's actually why we are offering the free Sacred Account Vault and a free design consultant. Review the information and make an educated decision on if this is for you. The Top 1% already have....

Why not? You don't think you can afford us.

Why? Right now, we haven't offered for you to buy anything. There is no obligation and the information is free!

Why not? If this is such a good idea, why are doesn't everyone save money this way?
Why? Most people give their money to Wall Street, the IRS, and Banks. Do you really think those 3 organizations want people to know about this? There is no incentive for "most people" to ever hear about this information.

Why not? You don't buy things online and you want to investigate and do more research.
Why? Excellent! Check out the FREE Vault we are offering so that you can investigate and do more research!