The Sacred Account

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Utilize a life insurance policy that allows you to:
  • Earn compounding interest of 3-5% per year
  • Grow money tax free
  • Borrow up to 70-90% against your account value while your money still grows
  • Access your funds anytime

The largest banks in America keep more than $180 Billion in life insurance policies just like this & I'm going to show you why!

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How it works?
  • Establish a properly structured life insurance policy

  • Contribute your money into the life insurance policy

  • Grow your money at 3-5% per year - guaranteed against loss

  • Pay no taxes on any of your growth

  • Be protected from market loss, the IRS, creditors, lawsuits, and even bankruptcy

  • Allow money to grow while simultaneously using it to build wealth and earning interest 2x on the same money
Our Thinking Is Different
We think every life insurance policy should:

- Minimize insurance costs

- Maximize and accelerate cash growth

- Withstand the test of time with no regret

- Have strongest cash values and growth

- Access to your cash value - Anytime

- Be designed by experts

- Top performance by all comparison

A perfectly designed life insurance policy MUST be designed perfectly.
An "off the shelf" policy just won't do the job.

With the average life "off the shelf" insurance policy, for the 1st 2-3 years there is almost $0 balance in the cash value.

The performance will be very low.

You will be discouraged from borrowing.

he agent won't understand how to design or use it properly as a Sacred Account.

That's why only 1% of life insurance policies work as a Sacred Account.

Correct policy design is an exact science that involves the proper blending of company selection, policy base premium, riders, and many other subtle factors that will all greatly affect your policy.

Who is it for?
- Families that want to secure their financial future and build wealth now

- Those interested in growing and protecting their money outside of the financial system

- Investors looking to secure an extra 20-30% in total growth on top of their current assets

- Families and individuals looking for the best way to pay off debt in the most effective way possible

- Sales People, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners who are looking for a smart place to keep their money and continue to grow it

What is the process?

1. We will interview you to understand your goals and what your Sacred Account needs to do for you.

2. We will independently apply for your Sacred Account with the RIGHT insurance companies and help you get pre-qualified to open an account.

3. We will design a custom account that meets your needs exactly and is tailored to your financial goals.

4. We will educate you on exactly how to utilize your account and help you put it to work.


Your Benefits?_____

The Sacred Account is the unsung hero of the investing world.

You can put money into the account and borrow against it up to 70-90%, while still earning 3-5% compounding interest per year, tax-free.

The Sacred Account is independent of the financial market, leaving you with no risk.

  • The Sacred Account has made money every single year for almost the last 160 years in a row

  • Wall Street does not financially benefit from The Sacred Account so there is virtually no advertisements about it

  • 99.9% of financial advisors and agents are not educated on The Sacred Account, you can get ahead of the wealth creation game

  • The wealthiest people, Ray Kroc, John Rockefeller, JC Penney, and even Walt Disney used The Sacred Account concept to grow their wealth

  • The Sacred Account is not taxable
Access your money when you need it!

Unlike real-estate, 401k's, and IRA's the Sacred Account is a life insurance policy backed by the amount of money you put in it and can be accessed any time, while still earning your growth.

  • Borrow up to 70-90% of your total amount in your Sacred Account

  • Your borrowed money can be used to pay off debt, grow a business, or invest for passive income

  • The original amount in your Sacred Account remains untouched and continues to increase in value at a rate of 3-5% per year

  • Pay your borrow loan back when you want and repeat the process

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